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Questions regarding shipping, handling, orders and rewards program

What is Rewards Program and how does it work?

I redeemed my points in my Rewards Program account and lost the the discount code it gave me. Where can I find it?

Why the discount code didn't work?

Are you offering free shipping of the free samples?

How can I cancel my order?

What is "Delivery Signature Confirmation"?

Why my order wasn't shipped the same day I placed it?

Why my package hasn't arrived on time?

The tracking on the USPS web site says my package was delivered to me, but I never received it and there's nothing in my mailbox. Will you send me another package?

Do you have any recommendations for using Kratom?

How to find out if the express shipping to my place is 1 or to 2 days?

Do you offer the service "money back guarantee" in case I won't like the products I will receive and will I be able to return them?

Why was my order canceled?

I can see several charges for the same order on my bank statement. Did you guys charge my account more than once?

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