How to Make Kratom Taste Better

While we may love the effects of kratom leaves or powder, that doesn’t necessarily mean we love the taste. Kratom’s taste is described as being acrid and earthy, which—while it isn’t terrible—isn’t necessarily the tastiest thing either. If you steep the kratom tea for longer to increase the effects, the taste will become more pronounced.

To help mask the bitterness, we’ve come up with a few ways to flavor your kratom tea without minimizing its effects. 

Lemon & Honey

Just like a warm cup of tea, lemon and honey are an ideal way to cut the unpleasant. Citrus helps cuts the gritty, earthiness of the flavor and the sweetness softens the acridity. Citric acid also helps preserve the alkaline content of the kratom, which keeps it powerful. You can also use different citrus fruits if you’re not a fan of lemon.

Vanilla & Milk

Sweetened milk can be really helpful for making kratom tea taste better. This is also great if you drink hot kratom tea, because it will actually make it taste a lot like traditional black tea. The vanilla adds a lovely note of sweetness as well as eliminates some of the less yummy flavors of kratom. If you have lactose intolerance, vanilla almond milk is also a great addition.

Hot Cocoa

If you have your kratom at night to help you sleep, a nice cup of hot cocoa could be just the thing to help it hit the spot. By adding a tablespoon of hot cocoa mix to your hot cup of kratom tea and stirring it well, you will find that the rich cocoa mixes surprisingly well with the earthy overtones of the kratom. Cocoa mix is also one of the best ways we’ve found to cover the flavor if you really struggle with the taste of kratom tea.

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