This blend contains (60% Borneo White Vein + 30% Green Borneo + 10% Borneo Red Vein). Morning blend fine powder.
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This blend contains 50% Sumatra White Vein + 50% Borneo Red Vein. Espresso bali blend fine powder.
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This blend contains (30% Sumatra White Vein + 30% Sumatra Red Vein + 40% Borneo Red Vein). Energetic bali blend fine powder.
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This blend contains 35% Sumatra Red Vein + 65% Borneo Red Vein. Mellow bali blend fine powder.
This is a powerful Red Vein blend that has a unique alkaloid profile that is intense, relaxing, and sedative. This blend contains (15% Sumatra Red Vein and 85% Borneo Red Vein). Total relaxation bali...
This is a unique blend of kratom and medicinal mushrooms, that provides multiple benefits of pain relief, energy and immunity support.  The blend contains 90% of Kratom powders (White, Green...

Kratom comes in three strains: white, red, and green vein kratom. These three strains all have unique properties that make them beneficial for different people in different ways. While each strain can have variations on their effects, the overall benefits you get from them are like this:

Green vein: Green vein kratom is great for energy levels and for boosting your mood. This highly effective strain is perfect for people who need a boost of strong, feel-good energy to get them through the day.

Red vein: Red vein kratom is the number one kratom strain when it comes to analgesic effects. Red vein kratom is a great painkiller and can also be used to induce relaxation and to calm the mind after a stressful day.

White vein: White vein kratom is all about focus. This strain allows users to clear their minds and give all their attention to one task. White vein kratom can also be a great source of energy.

On their own, these strains provide ample relief from a variety of issues, but when combined, they can become truly life changing for people using them. This is where kratom blends come in.

Kratom blends take different quantities of red, white, and green vein kratom and blend them to create different potencies and effects. Depending on the effects you’re seeking, there are different blends you can try. 

Blends can be made of different strains like combining Borneo White Vein, Green Borneo, and Borneo Red Vein to create an energizing morning blend that will quickly replace your cups of coffee. Combining different variants of the same strain of kratom can also create interesting and effective blends. For example, mixing Sumatran Red Vein and Borneo Red Vein can create a soothing, relaxing effect to help you unwind. 

Finding a kratom blend that works for you is about research and trial and error. It’s key to understand what effects you want from your kratom experience, and getting your blends from a reputable, experienced, and trustworthy source.

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