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Naturopathic medicine

Kratom’s Place in Naturopathic Medicine

Since the 1800s naturopathic medicine has been used for natural healing in the United States, however, its existence did not start there. Holistic medicinal practices have been used across the globe for centuries, and one prominent area is Southeast Asia. This region is well known for the healing botanical Kratom. 

This miracle plant has many purposes such as use in socio-religious ceremonies and naturopathic botanical medicine. There is a lot of attention recently in the West about its efficacy and use, so if you are ready to learn about this plant’s wondrous healing capabilities let’s get started!

What Is Kratom 

Kratom, also known as Mitragyna Speciosa, is a tropical evergreen tree that is native to countries such as The Philippines and Thailand. Kratom is a relative of the coffee plant and its leaves hold very powerful healing alkaloids.

Kratom leaves contain over 40 different types of alkaloids and 2 of those alkaloids are unique to the Kratom plant they are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. These alkaloids are primarily responsible for the effects of the Kratom plant.

How Is Kratom Made 

When Kratom reaches its way into your hands it has already gone through a series of processes. First, the Kratom is grown and when ready the leaves are harvested from the trees. Upon harvesting, the leaves are dried or cured either under UV light or outdoors or a combination of the two methods.

Once the Kratom is fully dried it is ground into a powder form. The powder is then sold in bulk to wholesalers who may choose to capsulate the Kratom or make it into an extract or sell it as is. Most reputable wholesalers will send there Kratom to a third-party lab to test for any adulterants and to test for purity.

The process is very natural and no additives are used to enhance the product. This process makes Kratom an excellent tool for naturopathic medicine.

How Does Kratom Work 

Kratom is not an opioid, however, the alkaloids within the leaves of Kratom produce similar effects. Because of the pain-relieving effects of Kratom, it is often used for those with chronic pain or those experiencing opioid withdrawal.

There are many different strains of Kratom. The varying strains have different effects depending on their origin of cultivation. Certain strains have a higher concentration of alkaloids which yields stronger effects.

For those suffering from social anxiety or lack of focus, the Green and White Vein Kratom varieties are beneficial. For those seeking pain relief via natural healing methods, the Red Vein variety of Kratom is an excellent option due to its chemical structure.

Choosing Kratom in Naturopathic Medicine 

Kratom is a smart choice for those seeking naturopathic medicine over pharmaceuticals. The holistic approach to healing using botanicals is not a new concept. Naturopathic botanical medicine has been used since the dawn of medicine is a good practice for natural healing.

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