Important information regarding web site transition

To all of our valued customers, 

We just want to give you an update. Our e-commerce provider Shopify is undergoing some corporate changes. Every kratom-based  e-commerce store that is running on their platform is currently being scheduled to be disabled.

What Does This Mean? 

Our web site is still up and running, but we have just been notified by our web team that we will need to migrate shopping cart systems within the next 10 days. In between now and then, our website hosting is at the mercy of Shopify our e-commerce hosting provider. Therefore, if you need to place an order and the website is down please feel free to call us directly at (850) 579-3927 or contact us via email

When Will Your New Site Be Up? 

Give us 10 days, plus or minus, and our new web site will be up and running. Please note, that if you can't find the product that you are looking to order on our site in between now and then that you can call us during regular business hours 9am - 5pm Central Time, or email us any time with the request to place an order or to be contacted over the phone.

What We Are Happy to Do

Due to this potential inconvenience, we are happy to offer 30% discount  for you to use any time between now and up until the new web site is up and running.  No discount code needed. The code will be automatically applied at checkout or if you place the order over the phone, we will apply it for you manually.