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Kratom Powders

Green Borneo Kratom Powder
  • If you are looking for kratom powders online that can boost your mood, but without the overpowering effects of other kratom blends then the Green Borneo Kratom Powder is a great start. This variety can give you more energy, alleviate your anxiety, and help manage chronic pain.
Red Borneo Kratom Powder
  • In the case of red vein strains, such as the Red Borneo Kratom Powder, the leaves have been exposed to sunshine for a longer period before they were picked and dried. That makes this powder blend a highly potent one and recommended to those who are already familiar with kratom powders. It will promote feelings of relaxation and pain relief.
White Borneo Kratom Powder
  • If you feel depleted of focus and energy during a stressful day, White Borneo Kratom Powder can provide you the stamina to continue. This blend can also give you mental clarity and help you relax.
Yellow Borneo Kratom Powder
  • The Yellow Borneo Kratom Powder is actually a Red Vein Borneo leaf that is dried using a special technique. As such, this kratom powder will give you a euphoric sensation while also having some of the pain reliever effects of the Red Vein Borneo.
Green Maeng Da Horned Leaf Powder
  • If you are looking for potent kratom blends, then this variety can give you a boost of energy and a state of euphoria that can help you get through a hard and stressful day. What makes this strain special is its leaves, which have spikes and thorns that look like horns. Farmers believe that these horns give the plant its uniqueness and potency.
Red Maeng Da Horned Leaf Powder
  • Red Maeng Da Horned Leaf Powder is made from a leaf that is shaped like a horn. It’s a very potent and rare strain, known to relieve anxiety and stress, reduce pain, as well as stimulate the mind and the body.
White Maeng Da Horned Leaf Powder
  • If you are looking for potent kratom powders online, then the White Maeng Da Horned Leaf Powder is a great option. This rare strain is an extraordinary mood enhancer that will give you long-lasting energy without a depletion feeling once the effects end.
Bali Blend Energetic
  • If you are looking for an effective mood enhancer, pain alleviation, and energy booster, then this Energetic Bali Blend can offer all that and then some. It’s made of 30% Sumatra White Vein + 30% Sumatra Red Vein + 40% Borneo Red Vein.)
Espresso Bali Blend
  • Any coffee lover knows that espresso is a more potent type of coffee. The same with this Bali blend. A mixture of 50% Sumatra White Vein + 50% Borneo Red Vein, this blend is what you need when you can’t seem to find the energy to start or end a very busy and stressful day.
Our Kratom is harvested and processed under optimum conditions, and then tested to ensure our customers receive only the finest Kratom powders. Shop our online collection of Green, Red, and White vein Kratom.