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Medicinal Mushrooms

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Medicinal Mushrooms & Immune Mushrooms

Although there is a sort of a stigma surrounding immune mushroom blends today, it wasn’t always that way. Many different mushrooms were used as food, medicine, or both in the past and were especially prevalent in Chinese medicine. In traditional Chinese medicine mushrooms were used for a variety of different ailments, but mushrooms for the immune system were by far the most common use thanks to their potential antiviral properties and natural compounds which could give the immune system a boost. Today, immune mushrooms are largely used to make antibiotics since they’re excellent at fighting of certain bacteria but there has been a growing trend in research of medicinal mushroom’s other properties which can act as an antiviral or antidepressant.

Mushrooms for the Immune System – The Benefits

Immunity medicinal mushroom blends work to naturally regulate and boost the immune system in several ways. The immune mushrooms found in these blends all have powerful polysaccharides called beta-glucans in them which research shows can help fight inflammation, balance the immune system, and more. These beta-glucans activate immune cells by attaching themselves to receptor sites, activating them, and even have the potential to lower blood cholesterol by inhibiting absorption of cholesterol from food while in the stomach and intestines. Additionally, while beta-glucans won’t directly kill cancer, they can be involved in cancer treatment. By adding immunity medical mushroom blends to your daily routine, you could benefit from the calming effects and promote a better immune system naturally.

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