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Energetic Kratom - Kratom Blends for Energy - Energetic Bali Blend

Energetic Bali Blend Fine Powder


Need help focusing? Our Energetic Kratom Blend does not disappoint. Buy our Energetic Bali Blend Fine Powder here!

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This blend contains (30% Sumatra White Vein + 30% Sumatra Red Vein + 40% Borneo Red Vein). Energetic bali blend fine powder.

Ingredients: organic pure Mitragyna Speciosa leaf powder

Energetic Kratom

Red Maeng is a pimp-grade Mitragyna Speciosa variety that originates from Thailand. The best thing about Kratom is that you can blend different strains to have a safer, brilliant, and enjoyable consumption experience.

Among the most potent Kratom blends is the Energetic Bali Blend Fine Powder. It has 40% Borneo Red vein, 30% Sumatra Red Vein, and 30% Sumatra White Vein. The idea behind the energetic Kratom is to combine the best qualities of these strains to achieve the best relieving and relaxation effects of Kratom.

Kratom Blends: The Differences

Each Kratom strain has different effects on different users. For instance, some users use the Green Vein Kratom to enhance their moods during the day, while others don’t seem to get any noticeable effect from the strain. Therefore, new Kratom users need to try out different Kratom strains to determine which one suits them best.

However, several descriptors can describe different Kratom strains, whether blended or not. These include:

  • Green Vein- This Kratom strain is generally known for enhancing moods during the day. The green vein strain also helps enhance the feeling of optimism and helps cope with daily life.
  • Red Vein- The red vein is best known for providing feelings of comfort, tranquility, and ease. That means you can use the strain before your daily routine or later in the evening.
  • White Vein- These strains are ideal for use in the morning since they are known for energy enhancement. You can use the white vein strain instead of taking a cup of coffee in the morning.

When used separately, these Kratom strains can offer multiple benefits to the users. However, you can achieve life-changing results if you use blended products like Energetic Kratom.

Weight N/A

1 kilo, 1/2 kilo (500 gr), 1/4 kilo (250 gr), sample (1 oz)

12 reviews for Energetic Bali Blend Fine Powder

  1. nancy

    Very fresh,got here very fast! wonderful customer service!!!!!! Great pick me up!! I would buy again!

  2. Adrieene

    I have been taking Kratom for quite some time. I use it as a pain reliever and also an anti-depressant instead of taking pharmaceuticals. I have tried & blend many different flavors of Kratom from many different companies & I had to write a review because the Energetic Blend is my favorite! It is the perfect blend! I had the energy and motivation to accomplish all the day’s tasks without feeling sluggish. Also, the customer service was terrific & I received my package very quickly! They included a couple different free sample packs which was nice and I havent yet tried those samples by themselves because I love this energetic blend so much, Im kinda stuck on it!! But definitely from here, I will stick with this company!!

  3. Rich D

    Got up yesterday with a fresh burner and added 7 grams . It took a while for this to begin but the uplifting clean clear energy was perfect not jittery at all . I had a lot of work to do and I suffer from osteoarthritis in both knees . Possible knee replacement in November . My pain disappeared and it lasted about 6-7 hours . This blend is a double thumbs up from me . Did exactly what I hoped for . And Julia and Nick were great they are super friendly. The customer service and their product is excellent . More research to be done and more reviews coming . Can’t thank you guys enough !

  4. Holly olszewski

    I bought several blends to try from here and other vendors by far this one was the best! Uplifting, energy, no crash, excellent pain relief… I can keep up with my two boys on the autism spectrum with my fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue! You guys saved the day. Fast shipping and have been giving samples of mine to others to try.

  5. Michael

    I’m a noob kratom user caped 15 pills took 8 this stuff is great can’t wait to try the others will be perchaseing more Thank you guys rock

  6. Becky Medvetz

    Iv tried several types. This is by far my favorite. It helps wonderfully on my fibromyalgia pain. My siatic nerve pain was a daily battle . Iv had no problems since useing this blend. It helps motivate me when I have work to do . It gives me stamina to get things done. My rls is non existing now. This is a God send for me.I’m off hydrocodone compleat now. I use 1 to 2 grams in am in hot water with honey or my coffee. Sometimes again in late afternoon.

  7. Chris

    This one made me very focused slight jittery effect and slight amount of pain relief

  8. Angela

    I’ve been using krater for going on 5 years now for autoimmune disease chronic pain that I have (ankylosing spondylitis – vertebral column swells up at rest – super fun in the morning) and this been is by far the best at pain relief. And, I use a smaller dose with this than with other similar level of PC kratom. I also love that it’s a super fine blend – smooth…..and with the added bonus of helping with depression and what not…..Thank you Kratom Trading Co.!

  9. Kimberly Swise

    I’ve been dealing with pain and lack of sleep from frozen shoulder for going on 8 months. The Dr only gives me opioids which don’t work and some make it impossible to work. I tried a few different kratom powders and then this one. I mix it with green tea in the morning. I don’t think I realized the full extent of its effect until I ran out. I went back to another powder and did not feel as good. While this does not get rid of my pain, it does make me feel positive and able to do things – and gives me energy. I just feel both relaxed and energized at the same time – never jittery. I miss it so much I had to order more!

  10. Richard

    I just recently found out about Kratom by happenstance and was compelled to give it a try. Shipping was super quick and I was filled with optimism, but after a few days I felt like maybe it was too good to be true. Then I remembered advice that I read in other posts that said be patient and experiment to find what the right dose for you is. When I found a dose that wasn’t too little or too much it is AWESOME! I have done too much and was nauseous, but it wasn’t a severe nasty nausea and if you take too little you won’t really feel much, but with a little persistence and patience you will find the best dose and even strain for yourself and then as long as you have your Kratom….any point of the day you are feeling down, lacking motivation, or just simply need an easy pick-me-up…you got it, baby!

  11. Angela

    I’ve tried several different kinds of kratom . this blend is my favorite . I will venture off and try something different but I always come back to this blend. for me its had the perfect amount of each strain , gives me energy ,doesnt make me jittery . I took anti depressants for years , but could no longer afford to buy them . I was so worried about what I was going to do , I hate being depressed , and I never knew when it was going to hit me. I had to wean myself down as to not have to much of withdrawal .I took cymbalta. I found kratom and was so relieved that it actually helps my depression .

  12. Monica (verified owner)

    Tastes pretty bad lol but it gives a nice euphoria and lasts several hours.

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