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Espresso Bali Blend Fine Powder


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This blend contains 50% Sumatra White Vein + 50% Borneo Red Vein. Espresso bali blend fine powder.


Ingredients: organic pure Mitragyna Speciosa leaf powder

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1 kg (1000 gr), 1/2 kg (500 gr), 1/4 kg (250 gr), Sample 1oz

5 reviews for Espresso Bali Blend Fine Powder

  1. Julie

    I recently tried the expresso blend for the first time and WOW! It gives you a really nice boost of energy when you need it. Very smooth and goes down easily. It has very good euphoric and energizing properties. I have Arthritis in my neck and the pain is severe at times, the expresso blend helped a lot with the pain. I am so glad I came across Krtaom trading company!

  2. wendy

    Well once again I have fooled myself in thinking I have my favorite but ktc has proven me wrong yet again lol!! I love all the blends but this one sticks out a bit more. Here I thought I was a red and green vein only type but so not the case. Thinking white would be too stimulating I have avoided it cause I prefer sedative strains. Idk what I was worried about cause this is truly a perfect balance!! No jitters, positive energy for getting not so fun things done, but feel tense free and calm at the same time. Helps with mild aches too!! I should know better by now not to pick favorites lol they all have their place thanks to ktc for having great quality kratom.

  3. Fetia

    Well I thought I loved the Sumatra White, till I tried this…wayyyyy Better!!! Great,Strong, relieves pain, ya got to try this one…Amazing. Will def be buying again. Received 2 days after I ordered, nicely packaged & wrapped. I give 5 stars.
    I have energy, lite buzz, could not be happy with this. Love it.

  4. Jay Bird

    It is strong, as advertised. And I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. However I prefer a white variety when I’m going for an energy boost. Or maybe a green with just a touch of stem & vein. As far as KTC’s blends go, they’re all good! But in my opinion the Morning Blend is the best. Very cool that so many strains and blends can be found on one site.

  5. Red Dragon

    We’ve used most of the powders – Borneo Red, Green Malay, Red Thai, Sumatra Red, Maeng Da, Green Riau, etc. (all are good for various reasons,) for ex., Maeng Da is very mellow and offers moderate pain relief, but the Espresso Bali Blend is a “happy powder!” It is a little stimulating, elevates the mood, and also offers the best pain relief which lasts overall about 2-3 hours. There’s no “crash,” just a slow taper. We’ve mixed Bali Blend with Maeng Da for a very nice combo, too. As far as prep, just mix it with warm/hot water, stir and drink. People say mix it with something, but the taste isn’t offensive, so it’s up to you.

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