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Green Riau Fine Powder


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  • Green Riau is named after the vein color and the region where it has first discovered. This is a potent kratom strain from the Southwestern part of Sumatra.
  • Due to the location of this strain, it possesses the most powerful aroma of all the known strains from the area it is found growing. Uplifting like other Sumatra strains, combined with sedative aromas of the Borneo strains.

Green riau fine powder.

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    1 kilo (1000g), 1/2 kilo (500g), 1/4 kilo (250g), sample (1 oz)

    10 reviews for Green Riau Fine Powder

    1. D

      Quite energetic! This strain is definitely not for bedtime as I learned the hard way lol. There’s definitely a synergy when mixed with the White Vein Sumatra as well

    2. Cydnay

      Great strain both energetic and relaxing.

    3. shane

      I use greens alot from various companies… i can say, truthfully, that this blend works just fine and has the energetic quality i need. Perfect for me!

    4. Main Street

      Green Vein Riau doesn’t deserve the mediocre ratings it’s gotten on other websites. It does the job. However, I can see why the uninitiated would falsely rate it low. The primary difference with GVR (as opposed to other kratom strains) is that there isn’t a perceptible ‘come-up’; no swooping rush letting you know that it kicked in. No, GVR comes on sneakier: one moment your waiting to feel something, the next moment you’re suddenly wide awake & perky.

      At about the 1 hour mark there’s strong muscle relaxation, especially in the legs, the likes of which I’d not felt in any other strain. By this point there’s also a very pleasant sense of well-being & happiness — obviously a great antidepressant effect somewhat similar to hydrocodone. (I stress: “somewhat”.) But anyway, this is how Green vein Riau behaves.

      There’s no ‘grand entrance’ heralding it’s arrival in your system. I think most people expect a classic kratom rush and then believe the GVR never started-up (when it actuality it did). Therapeutically speaking, Green Vein Riau is genuinely one that’s good for morning, day and at night time.

    5. Jay Bird

      Green Riau won’t disappoint you. Does the job just fine, however I think the Borneo green is a bit smoother. I found the aroma of Riau to be just a bit funky. I probably would have given this product 3 stars except for the fact that KTC’s quality and service is so top notch that I find it hard to rate anything less than 4 stars! I love the simplicity and ease of use at the website. No pop up adds and annoying gimmicks (like EVERY other site out there). And just try to beat their prices, I dare you!

    6. James

      KTC always has top quality kratom and very fast shipping. I order on Thur. and have it by 1:00 PM Sat. I have found my kratom supplier no need to look anywhere else.

    7. James

      I think Kratom trading is a great company and has quality products. Shipping is very fast order on Mon. and have it on Wed.

    8. Brandon

      First off, Kratom Trading Company is an awesome distributor. Before my first order, I had never heard of this company. I ordered on Tuesday night, and had my order by Friday. I love fast shipment, especially when out of town on work. Finding what I want is next to impossible and if I do, it’s always more expensive than what I am looking to pay.
      Now for the review of the product. I ordered the Green Vein Riau, a strain that I had never taken before, or heard of for that matter. I usually take Maeng Da, or Bali strains, so I was somewhat skeptic of ordering four ounces based off no knowledge, except for the reviews of other customers. My work is physically demanding, so I like my kratom to help ease the pain and soreness that comes along with my job. I was very pleased to find that the Riau not only helps with the pain, but also gave me a great boost of energy. I will say that the effects are gradual, not an instantaneous shot to your system, as is with Maeng Da and Bali. It was about 45 minutes before I started feeling the effects, but once the effects kicked in, it only kept getting better. This strain will definitely be my new favorite and Kratom Trading company will be my sole distributors.
      One last thing… If you feel uneasy about ordering from a new company that you haven’t heard of, put your mind at ease about ordering from KTC. Make sure to read reviews too. They really helped me in deciding my order.

    9. Crusader

      This stuff makes me so productive I’ve gotta a promotion just 2 months after I started useing! I love it it’s very good! Will re buy monthly lol

    10. Andrew Turpen

      A previous review piqued my curiosity as I had never tried this strain. The review was 100% on the mark; very “gradual, not instantaneous”, but within an hour – I was completely pain free and had a refreshed state of mind, as if I were a lifetime away from my depression. I was more gregarious, smiling, happy and enjoying my neighbors. Hahhaa,.. really positive. Kratom has been a game-changer in my life, this strain is magnificent and I highly recommend it. Thank you, KTC!! You guys are the best.

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