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Red Kratom - Borneo Red Kratom - Red Vein Kratom

Borneo Red Vein Fine Powder


Borneo Red Kratom is a sedative strain and is available as a fine kratom powder. Borneo is sometimes referred to as Bali Kratom, and has a sedative, analgesic and relaxing aroma. This strain contains relatively more Mitragynine compared to other strains.

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Ingredients: organic pure Mitragyna Speciosa leaf powder, gelatin capsule – beef gelatin, purified water

Benefits of Borneo Red Kratom

The Red Borneo Kratom is known for its calming and relaxant properties, while other strains give you a more energetic kind of high. Here are the main benefits one gets when enjoying red Borneo Kratom powder as an infusion, combined with fruit juice or simply using the “toss and wash” method.

  • Could offer soothing qualities
  • Could boost your mood
  • Could boost your energy levels

Buy our Borneo Red Kratom powder now! Kratom Trading Co. will deliver genuine Kratom powder, sourced from reliable providers, stored and processed with sustainable and reliable methods. Check out our rewards program and ask us any questions by contacting us.

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1 kilo (1000g), 1/2 kilo (500g), 1/4 kilo (250g), Sample (1 oz)

21 reviews for Borneo Red Vein Fine Powder

  1. Daniel

    Great Kratom for the price, this is a good red for the end of the day.

  2. Wendy

    New to Kratom but must say i am super impressed with this one. Its exactly what i was hoping for as far as a nice warm calming affect. Will be ordering again in the near future from you. Thank you!

  3. Sonya

    This is a good product, but for some reason it gave me a headache and that surprised me because I also purchase RVB from another supplier which does not give me a headache. It does work, but maybe for other ppl it might not give the same unwanted effects as it done me.


    Mrs. D

  4. Stan

    Great product, fast delivery. Everything you want from a business!! Also appreciate the free samples! Everyone likes free s**t!! Very satisfied and repeat customer

  5. ML

    The BEST strain I have tried from this company for pain and anxiety. Taking this strain at night will allow you to relax and unwind from a hard day. I have also tried this strain earlier in the day with coffee and found that it really does help your productivity in tasks you don’t enjoy completing (cleaning).

    Compared to the Red Thai Kratom I enjoy this one MUCH MUCH more. It seems as if I respond best to Borneo blends as I also love the Yellow Borneo. Give it a shot if you’re like me you won’t be disappointed.

  6. Silas

    I have been using Bali on and off for several years for my severe insomnia. When my go to guys closed up shop I decided give these guys a shot and I’m glad I did. Price and quality are a solid 10/10. There was a small hiccup with shipping process which was fixed hours within being addressed so customer service is another 10/10. I will definitely be returning.

  7. MountainMawMaw

    If you ever experienced a gout attack, then y’all know it is sheer hell. This strain works well for me and dealing with the pain. I do drink a hot cup of burdock root tea then I stuff the red vein borneo in 7 size 00 gel caps and take them quickly after the burdock root tea. the reason why I do this with the tea is that it opens up your arteries in a healthy way to get that blood flowing. My Ma was a mountain doctor in the 40s and onward in the Appalachian mountains before any clinics were built up. but I would go with her as a child on horseback to watch her doctor up folks, I am almost 60. You can also use angelica tea but the burdock root acts faster. Red vein borneo is wonderful. I will be a regular customer from now on as the vendor I used before quit taking credit cards and I don’t want to leave my cabin on the mountain to get a dang money order.

  8. Shaliek

    This product is great. I was a skeptic at first but once I tried it I see what every one is talking about. I would prefer this over the pain pills I take. The customer service has been great no problems at all.
    Thank you KTC..

  9. Nita Smith

    I am absolutely amazed with this product! It surpassed all my expectations! You are dealing with a wonderful plant here, and I feel blessed to have found this site! Thank you for the service you provide!

  10. Matt

    Not going to lie I was skeptical at first ordering online, but when the shop I used closed down I gave thsee guys a try. I used express shipping and it arrived in 48 hours. I was also able to track package the entire time. The packaging is also very good, i love the container it comes in. Very pleased and I will continue to use you guys.

  11. Chris

    More energetic but still chill if you take the time to do so

  12. Carl

    Tried other company’s the quality was not as good, was not as fine and had stems. Kratomtradingco’s is clean and very fine

  13. Jason Galbreath

    This was my second 2oz order of this kratom. I use this and the red maeng da. I prefer the maeng da for pain and that noticable feeling you expect to feel. This stuff is more for chillin and then going to sleep. The mix of the two will kill your opiate withdraws for about 3-4 hours. If they offer free shipping just take it, i thought paying the updated extra shipping might make it faster, but it still arrives at the same 4 day mark as the free shipping. So unless your gonna add 20$ for 2 day, dont waste your money. Other than that, i always recieve a quality kratom powder. Thanks KTC

  14. sway

    Thank you so much, KTC! This blend has been a lifesaver! Perfect for sleep. Shipping was incredibly fast and the product is outstanding! This is a keeper

  15. Victoria

    Thank you, I realllly enjoy this Borneo Red Vein! Gave me a lot of energy and relieved my pain somewhat. I’m a first-time customer and am VERY impressed with the many varieties and sizes you offer, the packaging is SO nice, AND, it was delivered SO fast!

  16. heatherC

    This red vein Borneo is the best I have ever had, I like my reds and found that Borneo seemed to work the best for me. I have tried other websites and even kratom from a smoke shop (dont do it) and never received a product as good as this one kratomtradingco has the best product! (I have bought from multiple websites) I was told about this site from a friend and so thankful because if I thought kratom made me feel the way other kratoms did I wouldn’t like kratom and see how it can be used like medicine i would have a bad opinion if anyone asked but this website and strain changed all that. I love the coarse grind my first time having it and I prefer it now over all. KRATOM HELPED ME QUIT SMOKING CIGARETTES when I take kratom if i smoke I get sick I dont why but I used that to make me stop smoking and calm me from the hair pulling out stress that comes with quitting. 30 days of continual kratom no smoking and I was able to stop, kratom got me over the worst part of quitting which for me is the first few days/ weeks .

  17. Seth

    This is my go to kratom powder, this powder was always top quality and the customer service was great, I’ve never been disappointed with any of their products, I’m sad to see that they’re closing down, this business was the greatest place on the web to get awesome kratom, I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do without them! Cheers Kratom Trading Co. I’m going to miss you guys! Good luck in y’alls future endeavors!

  18. Andrew

    I ordered this Borneo Red Vein powder as my first order from this site, after hearing that this was the best strain for aiding opiate withdrawal. I was skeptical at first, but I must admit I’m very satisfied with the quality of this product as well as the ordering process and speedy (1-day) shipping option. After finding the appropriate dose for myself, I found it possible to eliminate about 75% (more sometimes) of my withdrawal symptoms; even coming off of a 3-year long buprenorphine dependence. I was even able to sleep a full 8 hours the first few nights.

    I reccomend this particular strain for anyone looking for help with a detox, but also anyone looking for a high-quality relaxing, sedating strain.

  19. Jared

    This strain is, without any reservations, the highest quality product I have had the pleasure to come across. Great for pain, mood elevation, anxiety, and insomnia. It’s sedative quality can be a little overwhelming at first, but just had to adjust dosage slightly and euphoria for seven hours plus. Thanks KTC!

  20. Scott

    This strain isn’t too bad. Definitely not a morning strain. I don’t understand why it is rated so high, it makes me tired, unsocial and slow. Potency seems a little low. It is ok for night time..Good for pain and anxiety.

  21. Brenton

    This is the best Kratom product I’ve ever had. I have severe chronic pain sustained during an auto accident. Like everybody else the doctors loaded me up with prescription painkillers. I got addicted and couldn’t go without them. Since then I have quit and I rely on this Kratom and ocassionally Maeng Da for pain relief. Borneo Red Vein is definitely the best strain for killing pain and it also has a pleasant and relaxing effect. It also helps with my anxiety and aspergers, allowing me to stay calm more often and my days are better when I take Borneo Red. That being said this strand is quite similar in effects to traditional opiates, bringing sedation and euphoria, luckily it’s not as addictive. I love this strand and will continue to order it for medicinal and recreational purposes.

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