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Kratom Extract 15:1 (Indo Red)


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Our 15x Extract is the most potent product that we offer. Only the best Indo Red strain was selected for this extract.. We have secured the finest source on the market today for Kratom extract, so we can guarantee you a consistant product with extraordinary purity. The level of Mitragynine in this product is Guaranteed to be between 5-10% and 7-Hydroxymitragynine are between 1-2%.

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Sample (2 grams), 25 grams

36 reviews for Kratom Extract 15:1 (Indo Red)

  1. Scott

    My wife and I are not rookies when it comes to kratom and usually never by extract because of price and we feel they are never worth it. Decided to give the 15:1 a try when they emailed me and I saw the price. By far the best value for an extract I have ever found! Will always keep some of this in our collection. Also received a sample of their yellow Borneo and let me tell you. My wife and I split a 10:1 blend. 10 parts yellow to 1 part extract and Wow! I felt like a super hero. Warning not a mix for someone who is new to kratom. Very powerful stuff. I will be ordering both again.

  2. David

    So nice to try a product that lived up to my expectations. Would estimate that it was comparable to ten caps of Ming Da. Took about twenty minutes to take effect and was very noticeable. I am sixty and live with constant pain in knees and shoulders from military injuries and this helps a lot. I am so thankful for an alternative to prescription drugs and would recommend this product to my family.

  3. steven. c.

    i have doubted extracts in the past i usually go through 30-50 grams a day and usually 15-20 in one shot so i kinda laughed at the thought of taking the 2 gram sample (by the way thank you ktc) so to get to the point it was very fast acting and its hard to explain but i guess i would say its cleaner and clearer it work in about 15-20 minutes and lasted a couple of hours so i would say i give it a 10 i wish it was cheaper or i could get a good discount coupon then i would buy some but once again thank you ktc for the sampler it was good

  4. Garth

    I have never tried an extract before because I’d just figured they were all hype, but then I received this 2gram sample and split it with my girlfriend.
    I was pleasantly surprised that I could feel that small an amount as I go through 12-30 grams a day, but feel it I did! My girlfriend got sick on her gram as she doesn’t use near as much a do, not puking sick , but nausea and butterflies…so the uninitiated should proceed with caution
    All in all very good stuff.

  5. Erik

    Received a 2 gram sample. Tried one gram in the afternoon after a night of little sleep. Was right back on track, clear headed and didn’t feel like I wanted an afternoon nap like I normally would on that little sleep. Rest of the day was like I had a full night sleep the previous day.

  6. Chris

    I been thinking about giving this extract a try ever since I notived you all had it available, so I was pleasantly surprised when I opened my most recent order and found the sample, so first off, Thank you guys for sending it. This stuff was surprisingly good. I mixed it in with a couple grams of red borneo and it was awesome and lasted quite awhile. In fact, due to how early in the day it was I would normally have had another rpund of kratom before bed but didnt even feel the need. Good stuff guys, and thanks again!

  7. Sonya

    Thank you for your generous sample of this extract, I found it to be quite strong and although it done the job well, its not quite what Im used to. But if overtired will be a great substitute for the regular kratom I usually purchase.

    Mrs. D

  8. D

    I’m not normally a fan of extracts in general but this one is powerful and quite pleasant! A note of caution though: use sparingly or you will completely WRECK your tolerance!

  9. CosplayChick

    I am on prescription Oxycodone (40mg) and morphine (30g) a day and after a year of what its done to my liver wanted an alternative. Honestly, I bought the red for pain as sadly I will never get away from using something as to severe injuries but I just liked my fingers after opening this and my mouth went numb and in like 15 mins I could feel relaxing and a few degrees euphoria on just dust. we gave a friend who is a heavvvy user of just about anything he can get 1 mg of this (1/2 bad of sample) in capsules to see if he could tell a difference, as then we would know its strong and he said it was stronger than several percocets but not as strong as oxycontin, BUT the pain effect was as strong and about 8 hours overall, peaking at 2 hours, but no the other effects of strong opioids. I am allergic to many things, like pot, so I was scared to try so yes he was our guinea pig as I saw no posts on allergic reactions or OD on Kratom, and many supporting medical studies on PubMed with scientific reasons why it works. I liked the red thai but for the value and effectiveness- this 15:1 will be what I buy as overall it works out cheaper per gram. Thanks for a clean, nice product!!!

  10. william ned wiener

    Got a free (I think it’s one gram) sample of the 15:1 extract. Not sure what vein it is, but it’s pretty potent. I have a pretty high tolerance and it normally takes a lot of kratom powder to help my pain. It tastes bad, but not nearly as bad as plain kratom and is easier to down, imo. I will definitely buy it again as long as the relative price is comparable to the regular stuff. Have yet to try the yellow vein they sent.

  11. Lisa

    My shipment was prompt and packaged well with bubble wrap inside of a box. I enjoyed the supplement and will be ordering again.

  12. Alyssa

    This week looked to be hell and I was scared. I had tried the sample sent to a friend. I am on prescription morphine meds and there was a paperwork mixup and I ran out last week and next week it will be okay. On sat I ordered this, and they shipped next day.
    Honestly, I woke up today puking and felt my head was going to explode and my body reacting to the meds going out. Our mail came at 4:10, I took a tsp. at 4:45 the deep deep headache was receding and the reeling and hell was lightening. It is now 5:50 and I feel like a person again, and thank god as the last 2 days the shame and despair of knowing I cant function if theres a paperwork issue or recert. – and the fear of what if something happens and we cant access meds…I am going to order as much as I can so I have a safety net in case I lose my insurance ect as I cant work without medication, and this was scary. Thank you for this product.

  13. Ron Green

    I have a hereditary issue with arthritis. In the past few years the arthritic cyst have begin to pop up in all my joints, especially in my hands. I resisted the advice of my physician to get on narcotic pain pills for years. However, about a 1 ago I got him to prescribe me Tramadol / Ultram. It definitely helped. But, the dosage quickly went to 8 to 10 50mg a day. About 4 months ago I had to start taking a much stronger pain medicine to sleep. Being a minister, I believe that God created this Earth perfect and provided everything we need. So I started praying. 3 days later I noticed some Kratom in a convenience store close to my house. With in days I was completely off all medication other than Kratom. The most effective I found is this extract.

  14. Jay

    I’ve found that KTC’s 15:1 extract is great as a kicker for any strain of Kratom.

    I make my own pills using an Capsule Machine.

    I fill each pill up almost to the top of whatever strain I’m going for (basically, Red for relaxing, Green for work, White for gym), leaving a little room at the top of each pill.

    The remaining room in each pill gets filled with just a little 15:1 extract, which acts as a nice “kicker” for the particular strain/effect that I’m going for.

  15. Amanda

    I was so leery of ordering online. Like, extremely leery lol.. I ordered some of the maeng da extract from here, and some maeng da from another place called online kratom. With Kratom Trading Co. Not only did I get free priority shipping that got here in 3 days or less, but I was overjoyed with the quality of the product. It helped my back pain from deformed lumbar and fibromiyalgia tremendously. Now my experience with Online Kratom was not so great.. Took over a week to get to me and I paid 4$ shipping when it only cost them $2.04 for first class. Needless to say the quality was no where near what it is from Kratom Trading Company. Trying yellow vein next! 🙂 *Very satisfied customer* ^.^

  16. Tee one

    Definitely works, not sure active at one g level. Doesn’t quite seem like fifteen ex but maybe just me, still seem like regular more worth the money, probably good as a booster though. However shipping and service good.

  17. Sherry

    I was very skeptical when first hearing of this herb. I’m all about natural, but have had to rely on horrible medicine for Multiple Sclerosis, Fribromyalgia, depression and anxiety, so very willing to give this a try.
    Day 2 and I haven’t needed or desired to take any pain meds and my mood has been more stabilized than it usually is. I take very small amounts and basically put the powder in my mouth and drink it down like a goody powder for a headache. It is a bit bitter, but goes away fast when drinking juice or water. Thank you! Better relief than I have received from dr’s.

  18. Matthew Woods

    Was skeptical at first but i hate having to take a bunch of powder to get the desired effects.I tried a little over a a g, and within 20 min was feeling like i tried kratom for my first time. Just ordered 10g yesterday, this extract is great if u have trouble taking a bunch of powder. Throw under the tongue, throw in sum water. swish around, and 20 min later….yeaaaa

  19. Jesse

    A great 15:1 extract product delivered from the people at KTC. I like to make my own capsules and some of the other powders alone just don’t do it for me these days.The price is going to be out of some peoples range but its worth trying and obviously doesn’t require the same dosage. If you’re looking for a nice boost, as I was, this a great choice to add into a custom blend. Which of course can be done through their custom blend option.

  20. cj

    Just ordered ..I will let you know in 3 days hofully

  21. brian

    very most people i do not like ingesting so much powder..1 gram does the trick for be ordering this product on a regular basis i am sure

  22. Musicalmama

    I’ve been layering the kratom extract with maca and a small amount of caffeine in the morning and at lunch and I have had so much energy it’s amazing! I’ve lost over 10 pounds without dieting. I just feel better and it’s helped the arthritis in my hands, too. Thanks y’all.

  23. Shane M.D.

    A little does go a long way with this one … I mowed my 3 acre lawn with a pushmower and stopped once bc it ran out of gas… Very Very nice and well worth the expense!!!

  24. Shandra White

    I’m disabled with Fibromyalgia, DDD, & Arthritis. I’m very impressed with Kratom Extract! I love it by itself or mixed with any other Kratom, but it far exceeded my expectations when I mixed it into my Peppermint, Eucalyptus(essential oils) & Magnesium Lotion ! I use it on my joints and spine. Totally STOPS pain FAST! I have never in 50+Years of pain felt this much pain relief and it lasts 6-7hours! Thank YOU Kratom Trading Company! ! Blessings on everyone’s day!

  25. JTC

    The good: VERY potent – a little goes a LONG way, trust me on that. It also makes a great “kicker” for other strains.

    The effects: For me, it’s always made me feel super-happy without any jitters

    The Bad: Nearly impossible to capsulize. I use The Capsule Machine, using “00” caps, and found it’s tough to work with. Even if you where to capsulize it, you’d only want to take 1 cap (1/2 gram) at the most at once.

    How I use it: I just lick my finger, stick it in the bag/container, coat my finger with a little Extract, lick it off and wash it down. I know, it’s weird, but effective and quick.

  26. Amanda

    I should have read the reviews first I just took about half a dose of normal red and oh my. My mouth is numb and as a construction worker and 5 weeks out of major surgery I feel amazing and a little tingley. I do believe I will be mixing the rest with both my red and white. Thank you. Amazing products.

  27. Jordan

    Tried a few different strains of kratom besides the 15:1 extract and nothing has lived up to its euphoric and energizing capability. This is my favorite strain so far and would recommend it to any first time kratom user. 10 out of 10 in quality and customer service! Only company I will ever order from for kratom 🙂

  28. Vernon

    I’ve tried a few different strains and this extract is by far the best. I’m extremely happy with the quality and will not be looking anywhere else for the product. You’ve got a life long customer with me. I’ve been on prescription painkillers for 15 yrs.. I just recently got on the Kratom bandwagon and haven’t looked back since. It has literally replaced all my meds and I feel great, zero pain, something I never really got from my painkillers. Thank you Kratom Trading Company.

  29. Joemany Castro

    I just ordered some i will let u guys knowin a few days

  30. Joemany Castro

    Just received my shipment I’ll let u know in 15 to 20 minutes

  31. Joemany Castro

    THANK YOU! !! Im feeling so good im at the barbershop getting right as im feeling right … will havr more of my bizz i promise u that …thanks again KTC

  32. GAV

    This is the first time I’ve tried Kratom Trading Co and I will not buy from anyone else. This extract is high quality and worth every penny!

  33. SMS

    I took a 1/4 tsp of this and apparently it was way too much because instead of euphoria I just took a really nice nap lol. I’m going to try it again at half that dose and hope I can stay awake to enjoy it. Otherwise fast shipping and excellent product as always

  34. HotCoffee

    I am new to Kratom. and this was my first try.
    I love everything about this shipping..great product..
    awesome packaging…just purchased 4 more products. The 15:1 extract is great for Arthritis..Sciatica..general stress.
    I enjoy mine in a cup of Hot Coffee. Put 2 or 3 grams in cup and brew coffee into cup wait about 3 minutes and enjoy.About 20 minutes later no pain, no stress, no side effects except maybe occasional warm rush.
    Thank you kratom trading co. I was concerned about quality of product not being experienced, but not any more! Look forward to trying the new products I just bought.

  35. Matt

    For anyone who is experienced with kratom, they will tell you, it does not taste good. With this extract, you cut the amount of plant material you have to consume down by more than half, to receive the same desired effect. This is a very good product and even with a tolerance, my first time trying this product, I only used 3/4 of a tbs and I was feeling great for quite a while. For anyone who is new to kratom, I would suggest starting with 1/4-1/2 of a tbs. I can see people starting off using too much of this extract, so be responsible and start off slow. This companies shipping is amazing. 2.5/3 days after I ordered, it was in my mailbox. Very Very satisfied.

  36. Jesse

    I consider myself a kratom aficionado and this is one of the best extracts I’ve tried in a long time. It usually sells out quick so I was pleased when it came back in stock. Extracts usually cost a little more but this is one of the few I’ve tried that actually have the alkaloids that are advertised and well worth trying.

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