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Red Riau Fine Powder


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  • Red Riau is a potent Red Vein Kratom strain from the Southwestern part of Sumatra, which is named after the vein color and the region where it was first discovered.
  • Due to the location of the strain, it is the most powerful of all the known strains from the area it is found growing. Uplifting like other Sumatra strains, combined with the relaxing and sedative aroma of the Borneo strains.

 Red riau fine powder.


1/4 kg (250g), sample (1 oz)

9 reviews for Red Riau Fine Powder

  1. Raymond

    There are many great things about this site as well as their kratom. First off the free two-day priority shipping is amazing ! No more waiting for a week for the order or paying as much as was spent on kratom for shipping. After receiving my order, all my kratom was packaged in air tight packages and wrapped in bubble wrap. along with my order I received a 5g sample of their morning blend.You can tell this company takes pride in what they are selling. The kratom was ground into the finest powder I have ever received. I burned 6gs of this strain along with 2 grams of s&v with a very strong relaxing effects and works better than any anti-anxiety medicine. Very socially,motivating, and relaxing strain. No mental fog and all not to mention the great prices!! Definitely recommend to anyone with any anxiety and all kratom lovers everywhere. I Will definitely be ordering all my Kratom here from now on!:thumbsup:

  2. Nana D

    I have only recently joined the Kratom Kraze. I suffer from long term chronic pain from not one but several medical issues and have been taking Opiates for pain for over 10 years, And I don’t need to tell those of you who have been on pain pills for any length of time all the issues/problems I have increasing had to deal with involving prescription drugs. So I have spent hours on the computer researching everything I could about Kratom including Vendors that regular users recommend as “Trusted”. And KTC was one I kept reading about along with a couple others, so I purchased just sample sizes from a few different places so I could see what worked best for me. I have found only a few that I really like and that works well.This “Red Riau” is one of my favorites and KTC is one of the few vendors that even carry it. This really helps with my pain but during the day I have to mix it with one of the more energizing powders cause it will put me to sleep if I don’t. Very relaxing and a great euphoric feeling. I have found that KTC’s products are of the highest quality and their prices are VERY reasonable. And I found that the staff are so very nice to do business with. There was a mistake in my order once and (he) promptly returned my call and corrected the mistake without the slightest hesitation. There is nothing more frustrating than having to fight with a company to correct THEIR mistake. You will NOT have that problem here. Needless to say KTC is my primary Vendor.

  3. jp

    Waiting to get this particular strain but just wanted to let everyone know everything at KTC is top quality and bottom prices. I’ve been going here for quite a while and decided to check some other sites and what a waste of time. They’re not getting my money! You guys are the best hands down.

  4. ML

    First time customer and I must say I am impressed with the quality from you guys. I typically enjoy the Maeng Da and wanted something different and this was certainly pleasant. Great for those in pain and those suffering from anxiety.

    I ordered several strains and look forwards to trying the others. If they are as good as the Red Riau you can rest assured I will be purchasing again.

    Thanks again for the amazing service KTC.

  5. Jean-Luc Picard

    When I need to relax and a cup of earl grey tea just isn’t doing it for me this strain definitely works. My whole crew uses kratom and productivity is up and holodeck use is down. My good friend Worf used to be a real stick in the mud but with the help of this strain he’s become much easier to deal with. So lay in a course for KTC at warp nine… engage!

  6. Chris

    Good for pain relief while being able to get you work done. This was the first type I tried from here and boy do I like 🙂

  7. Kris

    Shipping is fast. Packaging is supreme. I have neck arthritis, anxiety, and like to drink. Since using this product, I am no longer taking pain medications, no longer craving a drink, and helps with the anxiety. Focus is right on as well.

  8. Dravon

    Great kratom in low doses. I understand that everyone is different, my person experience was about 3 months ago. It seemed that this strain was either weak or too powerful and giving me a stomach ache. It is great for someone new to kratom or someone with a low tolerance.

  9. Kenneth

    So for a little while when they were getting this new site, system, and credit processor online, I tried a different company due to their cheap prices for bulk. I can tell you without reservation this kratom on this site is hands down the strongest alkaloid content period. I’ve used kratom for a long while and have dabbled in making my own extracts. I just used about 10-12grams of this to do an a/b extraction with my solvent of choice and I got back 6.3 grams of amazing extract. Insomnia—-GONE! Pain from a spinal injury—–NONEXISTENT! This strain is the boss for pain! Appreciate you guys!

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