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Red Thai Fine Powder


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  • Red Thai Kratom, or Maeng Da is a super potent Thai Kratom strain originating from Southern Thailand, and has a sedative, analgesic, and relaxing aroma.

Red thai fine powder.

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    1 kilo (1000g), 1/2 Kilo (500g), 1/4 kilo (250 gr), Sample (1 oz)

    14 reviews for Red Thai Fine Powder

    1. nancy

      very fresh,very fine powder, does what it says, and the customer service is wonderful!! I do believe this company is a rare one, that really does care about there customers and there product!

    2. D

      Most Thai strains I’ve had in the past have been very energetic and quite the opposite of this one. This RVT has a much more sedating effect, I suspect it would be helpful for muscle pain

    3. Sarah

      I used to shop with another site until they became unable to process credit cards, after a short search I found kratom trading co. Their site is user friendly and easy to navigate, they have excellent prices and lovely varieties. An added bonus is the free priority shipping. The packaging is gorgeous and professional. They even included free samples with my order. It is clear that KTC takes great pride in their product and service. The product is great quality and competitively priced. I am thoroughly impressed and will be continue to be a customer with kratom trading co. Thank you~

    4. Jeff

      As stated by another previous review, my only encounters with Kratom were with strains that had an energizing effect. This strain is definitely good for relaxation. My main objective with Kratom is to replace my weekend drinking habit. This strain definitely did that because I didn’t even want a drink after taking a few grams of this.


      This particular strain is especially potent and is on the relaxing end of the effects spectrum. We use Red Thai for relaxation as well as pain relief…works great!

    6. George

      This strain is very awsome, if your looking for a strain that works specifically for pain well look no further this strain defiantly speaks for itself everything from Thailand is awesome defiantly worth giving it a try

    7. ML

      Great strain for pain but not as euphoric as the Red Riau. I think this would work better in combination with something more euphoric such as a white strain or if you want to stay red go with the red riau.

    8. cipherracket

      Definitely a product you have to experience to believe. Great sedative and relaxing feeling. I always have a good night sleep when I take the Red Thai. I’ve tried the Borneo Red Vein, which is also a great product, but the Red Thai is stronger. Everyone is different tho. What works for one, might not work for someone else. Something else to note is that, I feel more energized and more confident the morning after. No hangover feelings. No short term side effects either. I’ll be a repeat customer. Just a word to the wise, don’t let anyone tell you that a product isn’t addictive. Too much of anything makes you an addict. But you only live once, so choose your addictions, just learn how to control them. I’ll choose kratom over alcohol every and any day of the week. The Kratom Revolution is here!!! BE RESPONSIBLE!!!

    9. Jeanne

      For me, Red Thai is ONLY for sleep and pain. There was no euphoric effect, which disappointed me.

    10. CJM of Denver

      I have been searching for a long time for a natural alternative for relieving withdrawals from opiate addiction. This is amazing how this works, I no longer have to go without relieve because I cannot find somebody selling Suboxones illegally. I don’t have to worry about my job any longer when a drug screen test comes up. Maybe this is the trick to ending this long ordeal finally for me of over ten years.

    11. Hamid Azhdehfar

      I like red thai kratom,,, I love it — my leg have a problem and my back too every morning and afternoon .
      After Kratom I am happy and activity for work and art painting.
      I take 1 tea spoon morning and 1 tea spoon afternoon,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, no tab no cap this is real..

    12. Hamid Azhdehfar

      I like Kratom — I think this is good for me I will try Morning bland too — I have experiance to eat for 2 years!

    13. Neal

      I usually love this strain! I have bought it many times and love it and love Kratom trading co. But for some reason this strain has become VERY weak and does not do anything! I am not happy with it and will never order it again. I have a kilo of it and throwing it in the trash.

    14. Scott

      I have tried many of the different strains of Kratom from the Kratom Trading Company (which is by far the best company from which to purchase Kratom) and I personally have found Red Thai to be the very best for relieving pain and producing euphoria and general well being. I also have friends and family that have found this to be true as well. I was desperately searching for an alternative for pain relief when I had a back injury in 2016. I had debilitating pain that was affecting my sleep and my ability to function at my job. I was fortunate to find The Kratom Trading Company. My first trial of Kratom was the Red Thai and it worked better than any Opioid (Narcotic) Pain medication and was far better for me without the side effects. Since then I have tried many different strains from different companies and I am here to tell you don’t even bother looking any further or wasting your money elsewhere. This is it! Red Thai is the best and as a bonus, you will feel great when you use it.

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