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Sumatra Red Vein Fine Powder


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  • The Red Veined Sumatra strain has similar properties as the White Vein from Sumatra, but it is described as having a more mellow and relaxing aroma.

Sumatra red vein fine powder.


    Sample (1 oz), 1/4 kilo, 1/2 kilo, 1 kilo, 1 kilo (1000g), 1/2 kilo (500g), 1/4 kilo (250g), Sample (10 grams)

    2 reviews for Sumatra Red Vein Fine Powder

    1. Jesse

      I didn’t get any affects that you would normally get with red vein the only thing that I got from it was a very bad stomach ache I’ve been using Kratom for a number of years and that has never happened I liked everything that I have gotten so far but I don’t recommend this I feel it was a waste of money but it could also just be me just giving my opinion based on my experience.

    2. Chris

      This was a good strain for pain relief. I have constant knee issues and this strain helped me not even notice it. Definitely intense but for a shorter duration about 6hr. Pain relief. That’s the only reson it got 4 star

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