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Probiotic Plus with Turmeric (60 capsules)


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Ingredients: Proprietary Blend LactoWise(R) (Prebiotic: soluble fenumannas), Opti-Biome(R) (Probiotic bacillus MB40) Turmeric (Root) Aloe Vera (Leaf) Psyllium (Husk) Slippery Elm (Bark) Inulin HD

  • Probiotics plus Deliver 15 billion active cultures into the microbiome
  • Does not need refrigeration
  • Survive Stomach Acid
  • Contains Prebiotics to feed probiotics, resulting in longer lasting benefits deeper into the microbiome
  • Improves digestive function (motility and mobility) from slippery elm, aloe vera and psyllium
  • Improves immune function from the free radical scavengers


Is a symbiotic proprietary prebiotic composition containing Bacillus Coagulans. Prebiotics are not digested by the small intestine and are known to assist the probiotics transportation with minimal loss in viability under the gastric pH conditions. Prebiotics also act as a feed to the microflora in the intestine.


OPTI-BIOME(r) Bacillus subtilis MB40(r) is a non-GMO, shelf stable probiotic strain. This strain is naturally protected by its spore coating, which provides resistance to pH and temperature extremes and ensures long term stability. This added feature ensures the product survives and is delivered to the proper location.


Is used in ayurvedic medicine as a strong antioxidant that helps reduce pain and inflammation .

Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric and has powerful biologically active properties.

It benefits the digestive system as a healing agent and neutralizes free radicals that cause damage to the microbiome.

Turmeric also aids in skin health, wound healing, inflammatory conditions, skin health, wounds, digestive ailments and liver conditions.

Aloe Vera

As an antioxidant and digestive purgative, it Soothes painful digestion, softens stool, excellerates healing, and reduces free radical damage in the microbiome.

Slippery Elm

Bark from the ulmus rubra tree produces a mucilaginous fluid that promotes a slippery healing benefit inside the microbiome.

Slippery elm bark is a demulcent. This means that it is capable of soothing the lining of the stomach and intestines and reducing irritation. Demulcents are sometimes referred to as mucoprotective agents.

Recent studies have shown that slippery elm bark can help with the symptoms associated with inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

Psyllium Husk

Psyllium is a fiber that absorbs water and builds bulk (bulk forming fiber)

It contains soluble and insoluble fiber. It bonds with carbohydrates, sugars, and bile acids trapping them in a slippery gel where they are more slowly absorbed by the body resulting in improved digestion and more balanced blood sugar. This process helps reduce appetite between meals and moves toxins out of the gut more efficiently.


Inulin is a plant based natural fiber that benefits motility and mobility of the microbiome. Inulin is not digested or absorbed in the stomach. It delivers to the bowels where bacteria are able to use it to grow. Inulin supports the growth of a special kind of bacteria that are associated with improving bowel function and general health. Inulin also decreases the body’s ability to produce certain kinds of fats.


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