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Total Relaxation Bali Blend Fine Powder


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This is a powerful Red Vein blend that has a unique alkaloid profile that is intense, relaxing, and sedative. This blend contains (15% Red Maeng Da Horned Leaf  and 85% Borneo Red Vein). Total Relaxation Bali blend fine powder.

Ingredients: organic pure Mitragyna Speciosa leaf powder

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1 kilo, 1/2 kilo (500 gr), 1/4 kilo (250 gr), Sample (1 oz)

15 reviews for Total Relaxation Bali Blend Fine Powder

  1. D

    Delivers as advertised (intense and sedative) , though was a little “too much” for me! Reminds me very much of Sunda Kratom

  2. IndigoIris

    I needed something to help me wind down and sleep, and this blend was great.

  3. Jay

    KTC’s Total Relaxation Bali Blend is super-relaxing, easily the most mind-numbing, sleep-inducing, droopy-eyed blend of Kratom I’ve ever encountered. Four grams of it puts me straight out, but I wake up the next morning feeling great, loose and happy. Highly recommend.

  4. Nick

    Really impressed with the blends on this site as well as the service. Ordered from here a few times and I’ve bounced around for a while but think I’ve found my go to site.

  5. Garth

    The relaxation blend is just that…relaxing.
    This is one of the only strains we will take right before going to sleep. It is very potent, but also…
    Verrrry Melllowww……..zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  6. Erik

    Ordered some S&V from these guys and was impressed with the packaging, speed of delivery and quality. They included a small sample of this blend. Which I tried one afternoon before dinner to wind the day down. Like the name says it was nice and mellow. Needless to say I promptly ordered some. Look forward to trying the Maeng Da from them. Keep up the good work guys!

  7. Erik

    I already reviewed this myself, but my wife recently started using this blend as well when her back started bothering her and she wasn’t resting well. She indicated it was one of her favorites out of what I ordered, which was Morning Blend, Red Vein Maeng Da and S&V from here (in fact she wanted me to order more today!) and she feels wonderful and ready to go when she wakes up in the morning. I told her I’d pass the word along. She usually prefers it about an hour before bedtime (I prefer it before dinner). This one’s got both our recommendations.

  8. Bill Clinton

    When my wife is nagging at me about all the women calling I take a couple caps of this to calm my nerves. I tell her they’re just my secretaries but she won’t stop with that high pitched harpy voice of hers. These even me right out though. I take two size 00 caps at the end of the day and I am completely calm and ready to turn in. Not much of a euphoria but as the name implies you will definitely be totally relaxed. Good for anxiety. Great products from this company. Buy in confidence.

  9. Seth

    I have never tried kratom and I’m very skeptical about a lot of herbal remedies. This product worked great I was very relaxed. Looking forward to trying more products from here.

  10. Art

    I’ve tried two blend and two un blended powders. This is my favorite so far. Very relaxing. Slight euphoria. Warm feeling. Ordering again for the third time.

  11. Bilbo

    I am a regular Kratom user, and this blend just goes to show that different people react differently to the same thing. I have *never* had any warm flush or sweating with any other strain of Kratom, but this one?? within 30 minutes I had to strip down to my underwear. Heart rate went up, respiration increased, and I was actually starting to get scared, like what did I take?? Became nauseated within the hour and headache as well. Felt like someone was pushing on my eyeballs. And sweating, swearing, sweating, can’t cool off. Finally, starting seeing rainbow tracers (no, I swear to you it’s true) and got really paranoid about what other people might be seeing in me. Had to lie down, sweat, and ride it out. This was truly unlike *any* Kratom I’ve ever had and I will never, ever take it again. However, I *completely* intend to keep buying my Kratom here. The strain that I always use, and is always dependable. Try around, and you’ll find this is the best source. But if you experiment with different mixes you may get different results!

    (I see that my experience with this was truly an outlier, but I am *amazed* that people call this “relaxing”! ha ha. Kind of like a roller coaster relaxation, or being chased by a bear. Not for me.)

  12. Gangstaboogie

    I have been using kratom for about 20 + yrs now. I have very bad leg pains when i lay down to sleep. Ive been to the Dr. Which i have been prescribed sleep meds, pain medication, etc… None of that has ever helped me. Kratom helps me relax & the pain in my legs go away, they literally disapear. The discomfort without kratom almost makes me cry. I have found that every strain of kratom takes the pain away, but the Bali Kratom does it the best. In the morning my energy is krazy, at night i sleep so good. Kratom Trading company gets my kratom to me quick fast in a hurry, they never let me down or keep me waiting!! Thank you you

  13. Tiff

    I’m fairly new to kratom, but I’ve sampled pretty much every type so far. I suffer from severe anxiety daily and I’m constantly tense and edgy because of it. Well I am glad to inform you that this is THE blend for anxiety!!! It completely loosened up all of my muscles in my neck that are ALWAYS tense, what a relief! Kratom Trading Company is the ONLY place I will be buying my kratom from this point on. Their shipping is super fast, the prices are great and the quality is out of this world. Thank You!!!

  14. Kenneth

    Intense on the onset and very “uplifting.” A little too uplifting for my taste, however it rounds quickly into one of the most relaxing kratom blends I’ve ever tried. I’m still a sucker for reds, but this is very pleasing for those who want to become part of their couch for a while.

  15. Alex

    I take this throughout the day and don’t personally find myself lacking energy throughout the day. Later on in the day it’s very nice to enjoy after a nice bowl out back.

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