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Struggling to see the positive effects of Kratom? Here are five reasons it may not be working for you

Through our experience with kratom, we have heard of some new users to kratom who say that they don’t feel any of kratom’s beneficial effects. This had led to some believing they have immunity to kratom and they abandon it before they’ve really given it a chance. Kratom’s effects can range widely and there are many things that can contribute to how kratom affects people. 

Here are five reasons kratom may not be giving you the experience you’re looking for: 

1. You didn’t take it on an empty stomach

Plenty of people new to kratom take it with food in their stomach to minimize any risk of side effects. Unfortunately, kratom’s effects are dramatically decreased when taken on a full stomach. Because kratom powder is a dry, plant material, the work your body has to go through to properly digest it can be slowed to the extent that you may not notice the effects taking shape. If you are new to kratom, it’s key to take it on an empty stomach to give the best chance for the supplement to work. Don’t worry; there is a very low incidence of side effects from kratom when taken in moderate doses.

2.  Your vendor wasn’t trustworthy

Since kratom’s rise in popularity, there have been plenty of fly-by-night suppliers that have appeared on the scene. Like any product being sold, there are good and bad vendors out there. If you don’t have a lot of experience with kratom, it may be hard to distinguish the good vendors from the bad and may end up with less-than-potent option that doesn’t deliver on what it promised. To avoid this, make sure your vendor is reputable, well reviewed, and has a long-standing presence when it comes to selling quality kratom powder.

3. You’re not taking the right strain

Kratom comes in three main strains and in dozens of secondary strains. Each of these strains provide different benefits and, based on what you need, you may not actually be taking the right one. For example, if you want to relax and fall asleep easier, then taking a Red Maeng Da kratom strain won’t be right for you, since this strain is energizing. In this way, the wrong strain can make it seem like it’s not working, when in fact it’s working just fine—just not in the way you need.

4. You’re not taking the right dosage

Finding the right dose when it comes to kratom can be a delicate thing. Too little and you may not feel anything at all; too much and you might have negative side effects. It’s important to start with a lower dose to make sure you don’t overdo it. However, if you’re not experiencing any positive benefits at that amount, you can increase your kratom dosage by 0.5 to 1 gram doses until you reach around six or seven grams. Anything above that amount can cause some unpleasant side effects. Everyone has a different ‘ideal’ dosage, so it may take some time to play around until you find what works best for you.

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    • Angelscry777

    Thank you for this because I am unsure what dose to start with because this will be my first time using this in hopes to replace prescription medications for pain

    April 16, 2021

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