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Kratom alkaloids

What are Kratom Alkaloids?

While the use of Kratom products has grown significantly over the years, it’s essential to learn more about the basic components of Kratom. Above all, the benefits you enjoy after consuming Kratom products are attributed to their chemical composition. Before you purchase your Kratom from Kratom Trading Co, this comprehensive guide will help you understand how the products work.

What are Kratom Alkaloids?

Kratom alkaloids are chemical compounds found in Kratom leaves. Some of the most famous Kratom alkaloids are mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. These alkaloids are well-known for binding body receptors. However, as a Kratom enthusiast, it’s essential to understand other Kratom alkaloids.

Types of Kratom Alkaloids

  • Mitragynine- This type of alkaloid makes up to 66% of present alkaloids in Kratom leaves. However, this composition can be affected by factors like harvesting time and type of strain. This is why you will find green and white Kratom strains with a high concentration of mitragynine, while leaves from Malaysia have a lower alkaloid concentration.
  • 7-hydroxy mitragynine– Unlike mitragynine, this type of alkaloid contains less active compounds. However, the concentration also depends on the strain type, which is why you will find the red Maeng-Da strain with more concentration of this alkaloid than other strains.
  • Paynantheine- This is the third most active alkaloid found in Kratom leaves. Although it may be found in higher amounts than other alkaloids, it is not very active in the human body.
  • Speciogynine- The speciogynine alkaloid is found in Mitragyna speciosa and is said to have more active effects on the human body
  • Mitraphylline- The mitraphylline alkaloid forms 1% of chemical compounds found in Kratom leaves.
  • Ajmalicine- The Ajmalicine alkaloid is a receptor rival that can interact with different parts of the human body.

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